Our Science is Second Nature

Like the dragonfly, NuPolar is the true ruler of its domain. As the market leader in prescription polarized lenses, it consistently outperforms other polarized prescription lenses for the ultimate visual experience. NuPolar sets a benchmark for stringent performance characteristics of optics, polarized film technology, colour consistency, material sciences and more. It is the accepted global standard for polarized lenses. After decades of design and development Younger Optics is the world’s largest supplier of prescription polarized lenses. We invest heavily in research and development, creatively pushing boundaries to discover the next technology.

Polarized vision comes naturally for some...

A dragonfly’s sight is unrivalled in the insect world. With the largest compound eyes containing around 30,000 individual facets and up to 5 visual opsins, it can perceive the full colour spectrum as well as UV light and importantly, light polarization. Its highly-evolved optic system helps the dragonfly in navigation and reducing the sun’s glare on water.

Why NuPolar Polarized Lenses

NuPolar is the market leader in prescription polarized lenses for many reasons:

  • Excellent film adhesion with no risk of delamination.
  • True lens colour and unrivalled colour stability.
  • Zero fading of lens colour over time.
  • Suitable for most frames including large fashion frames, sport frames, wrap and rimless.
  • High polarizing efficiency - above 99%.
  • 100% UV blockage.
  • Widest range of materials to suit all patient activities and needs.
  • Perfect for digital surfacing including progressives.
  • Available in high index 1.60 and 1.67 for best cosmetics and high prescriptions.
  • Perfect for extreme sports in impact-resistant Trilogy® (Trivex®) or polycarbonate materials.

NuPolar Solid Tint

NuPolar is available in the most important colours to suit personal preference while never sacrificing polarized performance.

BrownBrown CopperCopper Grey 1Grey 1 Grey 3Grey 3 GreenGreen

NuPolar Gradient Tint

NuPolar Gradient tints combine the on-trend gradient look fashion-conscious wearers desire with the polarized protection needed.

Brown / BrownBrown / Brown Brown / GreyBrown / Grey Grey / GreyGrey / Grey

NuPolar Mirror

NuPolar quality polarized lenses with of-the-moment mirror coatings for protection and edgy style.

Silver mirror coatSilver mirror coat Blue mirror coatBlue mirror coat Gold mirror coatGold mirror coat

Transitions® Drivewear®

Photochromic polarized lenses: changes to three different colours to suit conditions: olive, copper and dark brown.

Transitions DrivewearTransitions Drivewear

NuPolar® Infinite™

Photochromic polarized lenses: changes from light grey to dark grey to suit wearer’s current light conditions.

NuPolar InfiniteNuPolar Infinite

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