Naturally Responsive.

For some, change comes naturally…

The chameleon has two layers of cells under its skin that are loaded with tiny nanocrystals. Instinctively, it can expand and reduce the distance between these nanocrystals to reflect different coloured light. In a matter of seconds, the chameleon is able to lighten or darken its skin colour to adapt to its environment, reacting to changes in light, temperature or mood. Like the chameleon, NuPolar Infinite is the master of adaptability.

Introducing NEW NuPolar® Infinite™

A dragonfly’s sight is unrivalled in the insect world. With the largest compound eyes containing around 30,000 individual facets and up to 5 visual opsins, it can perceive the full colour spectrum as well as UV light and importantly, light polarization. Its highly-evolved optic system helps the dragonfly in navigation and reducing the sun’s glare on water.

Infinite contrast, comfort and visual clarity

NuPolar Infinite is a polarized variable tint prescription sun lens that naturally responds to light.

  • Available in Grey the most popular lens colour.
  • Lightest state – 60% tint.
  • Darkest state – 91% tint.
  • Blocks blinding glare.
  • Polarization efficiency – 99%.
  • 100% UV blockage.
  • Reacts quickly to UV light.
  • Affordable photochromic polarization.
  • Utilises NuPolar technology, the global benchmark for polarization.

Grey Polarized Photochromic Lens

NuPolar Infinite, the new polarized photochromic lens, is available in the most popular lens colour – grey. It is a neutral grey, which does not alter colours allowing them to remain true to original hue. From light grey to dark grey, the lens automatically darkens or lightens to synch with wearers’ current light conditions; infinite shades of grey for infinite wearer satisfaction.

Lightest state – light grey60% tint
Darkest state – dark grey91% tint
Polarization efficiency99%
UV blockage100%


NuPolar Infinite photochromic technology quickly reacts to UV light to darken or lighten as each light condition warrants, enabling wearers to seamlessly enjoy optimal vision in any outdoor daytime condition.


NuPolar Infinite is suitable for driving and any outdoor daytime activity; on land or water, in summer or winter.

In its darkest state of dark grey, NuPolar Infinite is good for prolonged activity in bright sunlight.

In its lightest state of light grey, the tint is excellent for low light conditions such as driving at dawn, dusk and overcast days, as well as being ideal for outdoor activities on overcast days.

Who is NuPolar Infinite suitable for?

NuPolar Infinite sun lenses are ideal for prescription lens wearers that spend time outdoors. Wearers that have experienced the superior vision delivered by polarization will love NuPolar Infinite’s automatic variable tint as light conditions change. For those wearers yet to experience the ultimate benefits of polarization, NuPolar Infinite will be a phenomenal first experience, exceeding expectations.


  • NuPolar Infinite is available in 1.50 hard resin and polycarbonate.
  • It is compatible with all front and back multi-coats.
  • Prescription range: -8.50 to +6.00.