NuPolar Technology

Dragonflies can perceive UV light and light polarization

NuPolar Sets the Global Standard

It is exceedingly difficult to make a high quality polarized lens like NuPolar. Many factors go into making a NuPolar lens. Throughout the manufacturing cycle – from beginning to end – every step must be carefully supervised to ensure that every lens meets the NuPolar standards. This is why NuPolar is the world’s #1 polarized lens.

Cylinder & Curve Control

Polarized lenses have the additional manufacturing challenge of working around a polarized film; it is difficult to maintain low cylinder and precise curve control. Our manufacturing process ensures NuPolar lenses deliver on low cylinder and precise curve control for high optical quality.

Superb Adhesion

Before NuPolar, delaminations were an everyday occurrence with polarized lenses leading to very dissatisfied patients and eyecare professionals. With NuPolar technology, the polarized film and lens form an integral chemical bond which eliminates the possibility for lens/film delamination.

Quality Testing & Comparison

NuPolar lenses are constantly subjected to proprietary and unique testing to ensure they are the best in the industry. Lenses are subjected to no less than a dozen quality tests throughout the manufacturing process. In addition, NuPolar lenses are constantly compared and evaluated with the leading lenses in the marketplace. Over and over again, we find NuPolar is simply superior to any other polarized lens in the marketplace.


Polarized lenses are often subjected to high levels of heat (120 – 140°C) in laboratory processing, particularly during hard coating and AR coating. As a result, the lens colour may change due to thermal degradation. Our proprietary ‘HT Film Technology’ ensures that NuPolar lenses are the most colour stable polarized lenses available. Our lens colours are true and deeply rich… and they stay that way! Zero fading over time.

Thin Lenses

NuPolar lenses are always designed to be as thin as possible. This is achieved through proprietary positioning of the film – it is linked to the lens by a stable chemical bond – and by offering the widest possible range of lens materials.

Progressive Design

Optical designers make every effort to produce the best design possible for each patient. However, many polarized lenses do not properly replicate the intended design. NuPolar progressive designs use patented technology which ensures the replicated design on the finished lens matches that which the optical designers intended. Younger’s unique film matching technology actually forms the film into non-spherical shapes and often replicates the curvatures of traditional progressive designs for precision and best possible result.

Digital Surfacing

NuPolar lenses are designed to be freeform friendly. The number of base curves in one-dioptre steps is maximised to provide the thinnest and flattest finished lens possible.

Styles & Availability

Whether it’s materials, colours, or styles, NuPolar has a consistent level of availability for your needs. NuPolar is made in more progressive styles than any other product. You can be confident that if you need a product with polarized lenses, it’s probably available in NuPolar!