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Polarized lenses offer superior vision outdoors – once wearers try a polarized lens, they never go back to regular tinted lenses.
NuPolar polarized lenses are available in solid tints, gradient tints and also with a mirror coating!
NuPolar Mirror is available in a choice of Blue, Silver or Gold mirror coating. Vision is vibrant and colours pure. The polarization blocks glare delivering ultimate comfort, even in bright sunlight. 😎 Ask us when you next visit or for more info visit

NuPolar polarized lenses deliver optimal outdoor vision, whether you are on a leisurely hike, playing sports or enjoying the great outdoors. You can find a sunglass lens style and colour that suits your lifestyle and activities best by visiting

Want to make a style statement by reducing additional glare? You can do this by combining NuPolar polarized lenses with a mirror coating in Silver, Blue or Gold.
You can learn more about the suitability of NuPolar Mirror for various popular outdoor activities here

NuPolar polarized sunglass lenses in Trivex or polycarbonate materials are super tough and impact resistant.
Available in a choice of solid tint, gradient tint and photochromic styles in a number of lens colour choices, you’ll have a sun lens that is both stylish and functional so you can go wherever the trail takes you!
Ask us about the range when you next visit. You can also learn more about the suitability of NuPolar polarized lenses for various popular outdoor activities by visiting

A hot eyewear trend this season is a mirror coating on sunglass lenses. NuPolar Mirror is polarized sun lens with a reflective coating on the front surface which gives the appearance of a Silver, Gold or Blue coloured mirror. Ask us about the suitability for your needs when you next visit. You can also find out more here

Need a lens that can handle the demands of the rugged outdoors and blinding glare? Why not consider NuPolar polarized lenses.
🔅 Glare and UV protection with 99% polarization efficiency. 🔨 Impact resistance with Trivex or polycarbonate lens materials.
You can pick a style and colour that best suits your activities. Ask us when you are next in-store or check out these activity guide online

Have you ever tried polarized lenses with a mirror coating? If you try, we think you may love them! ❤️🕶️ You can combine NuPolar polarized lenses with a mirror coating for reduced ambient glare entering the lens, which means ultimate comfort! We can chat about a mirror coating for your polarized lenses when you next visit. You can also read more here

Only polarized lenses can block blinding glare, offering greater safety and improved vision when on the water. Ordinary tinted lenses only reduce ambient light or light transmittance. By their very nature, tinted lenses cannot block blinding glare.
You can find the ideal lens for your next adventure here