Get the edge… get SUPER VISION

Transitions® Drivewear® is the world’s only sunglass lens that changes to three different colours and also darken and lighten to suit wearer’s changing light conditions.

Transitions Drivewear provides an edge by delivering optimal outdoor vision, no matter the outdoor conditions; whether that edge is playing elite sports, everyday driving, leisure activities or simply enjoying the great outdoors.

The polarized photochromic lens was developed with ophthalmologists and optometrists in the US combining two global leading technologies: Transitions® photochromic technology and NuPolar® polarization.

The SUPER VISION of Transitions Drivewear delivers comfortable anti-glare polarization, high definition contrast and excellent depth perception, along with 100% UV blockage. The superior vision also helps wearers to be safer on the roads.

Transitions Drivewear is available in a range of materials, designs and prescriptions.

Experience Transitions Drivewear

Transitions Drivewear Commercial



Olive – Lightest Colour

In low light conditions the lens becomes lighter so you can see more of your world. The olive colour improves vision by providing much needed higher contrast. The polarization removes glare that can threaten vision.

Lens lightens to 63% tint.

Daylight Driving

Copper – Variable Colour

The lens darkens or lightens to a copper colour providing excellent traffic signal recognition, greater depth perception and enhanced contrast for ultimate visual quality and safety. The polarization blocks dangerous blinding glare. Lens also automatically changes to copper in partly sunny conditions.

Lens darkens up to 75% tint.

Bright Sunlight

Dark Brown – Darkest Colour

The colour changes to its darkest state. Dark brown provides maximum protection from intense sunlight and delivers true vibrant colours. Polarization blocks blinding glare.

Lens darkens to 90% tint.

Benefits of Transitions Drivewear

  • Intelligently and quickly adapts to available light outdoors and inside the car (lens darkens or fades)
  • Lens changes to three different colours to suit conditions for greater vibrancy, colour contrast and sharper vision
  • Polarized to effectively block dangerous blinding glare in any weather
  • Eliminates necessity of changing glasses every time outdoor light conditions change
  • Improves clarity of vision and depth perception
  • Excellent activation behind the car windscreen
  • Traffic signal recognition is enhanced in any daytime weather conditions
  • Dramatically improves drivers’ safety
  • Provides optimal vision for sports and leisure activities
  • 100% UV blockage


Transitions Drivewear is available in both prescription and
non-prescription lenses in a range of materials, designs and prescriptions. See your optometrist for more details.

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Transitions Drivewear lenses are designed for daylight and daytime driving conditions just like regular sunglasses and should not to be worn at night or for driving after dusk.