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NuPolar. You’ve never seen better.


NuPolar. You’ve never seen better.


NuPolar. You’ve never seen better.


Always independent. Devoted to helping people see better.

For more than 60 years, Younger Optics has been supporting independent practices and independent optical laboratories to provide the best possible vision solutions in the pursuit of helping people see better.

Younger Optics’ suite of unique products satisfy glasses wearers; even those with the most challenging and peculiar prescriptions and needs.

From world leading NuPolar polarized lenses, to photochromic polarized lenses, and an array of innovative speciality lenses to meet uncommon or challenging needs, Younger Optics remains an independent, innovative force within the optical world.

Introducing The Range

NuPolar. You’ve never seen better.

Polarized lenses provide a far superior visual experience over regular tinted lenses.

NuPolar polarized lenses deliver vision whereby the vibrancy of some surroundings seems almost inconceivable. Colours are vibrant with depth and contrast of vision allowing wearers to experience their world in more detail.

Not only do NuPolar wearers enjoy brilliance of colour and detail, the polarization blocks glare even on the brightest days for ultimate comfort.

As the world’s #1 polarized prescription lens, wearers have never seen better.

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Photochromic lenses offer the best of all worlds helping wearers see better in different light conditions. Reacting to light, the lenses darken to reduce glare in bright light, and lighten or clear when there’s less light.

The molecular structure of the lens molecules change when exposed to UV light, and for some products visible light. As a result of exposure to these light sources, the changed molecules soak up more ordinary light which is what makes the lens darken.

Younger Optics has several photochromic lens options in its range.

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Younger Optics began when Irving Rips wanted to develop an invisible line bifocal that would not give away the wearer’s age. This was how the world’s first ‘seamless bifocal’ was created in Irving’s home garage in Los Angles and how Younger Optics started. The company’s name was a reference to how the new lens made the wearer look younger.

Fast forward over 60 years and Younger Optics continues to innovate and craft inventive solutions for both common and uncommon visual needs, which includes a focus on speciality lenses.

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Progressive lenses are increasingly the lens choice for presbyopia correction, which is typically experienced by people aged 40+ whereby near vision capabilities continue to decrease over time.

Progressive – or multifocal – lenses are an all-in-one integrated lens providing vision correction in three viewing zones: distance vision, intermediate vision and near vision. There are no visible lines on the lens, nor does the wearer perceptibly notice the difference when switching between viewing zones.

Younger Optics has several innovative progressive lens designs to suit your needs.

High Impact

For those with an active lifestyle, the safety and reassurance of high impact resistant lenses is a must. High impact resistant lenses are also necessary for children to protect their precious eyes, whether that’s during organised sport or daily childhood adventures.

Most safety lenses are made from either Trivex or polycarbonate, both of which are thinner and lighter weight than traditional lenses, not to mention about ten times more impact resistant.

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For over 50 years, Younger Optics has been a leader in the optical industry by continuously developing new and innovative lens solutions. As the quality lens innovator, Younger Optics provides clear ophthalmic lens designs and materials to meet virtually every eyewear need.