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Polar Opposite.

How is your vision experience different when wearing NuPolar polarized lenses? Particularly compared to regular sunglasses or even the naked eye?
The difference is Polar Opposite!
Forget dangerous blinding glare, discomfort, washed out colours, lacking details and flat vision. Instead enjoy the Polar Opposite with NuPolar polarized lenses:
  • Vibrant and vivid colours
  • Comfortable and easy vision
  • Enhanced depth perception
  • Greater contrast for sharper and detailed vision
  • Clear vision in all daytime conditions
  • Plus you get 100% UV blockage
It’s true. You’ll never see better than with NuPolar!
See for yourself in the scenes below. To move to the next image, click on the arrows. 

Polar Opposite Comparison

How do NuPolar polarized lenses stack up against regular tinted sunglasses and the naked eye?

Again, the difference is Polar Opposite!
NuPolar Polarized
Regular SunglassesNaked Eye
Reduces glare when overcast
Reduces glare in bright sun
Blocks 100% of sun’s UV rays
Enhanced depth perception
Greater contrast
Blocks dangerous blinding glare

Removal of reflective glare for safer vision
Eliminates discomfort and pain from blinding glare
Brighter and more vibrant colours
Detailed and sharp vision
* Some sunglasses do reduce glare in bright sun and block 100% UV
** Some specific lens colours do enhance depth perception and provide greater contrast

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