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NuPolar - the BETTER choice for Eyecare Professionals.

Far reaching reputation and consistent reliability has positioned NuPolar as the polarized lens of choice for eyecare professionals globally. With the widest range of colours, styles and materials on the market, patient needs and preferences can be met.

Trusted to deliver long lasting quality, eyecare professionals are confident patients consider NuPolar to be good value for money and satisfied with their polarized lens choice.

Durability & quality for patient satisfaction

Long lasting durability

Value for money and increased patient satisfaction

Colour Stability

Rich consistent colours that do not fade over time

Heat stability

Does not fade or delaminate when left continually in hot cars

Excellent film adhesion

No delamination problems

Wide range to meet wearer needs

Large range of colours and styles

Colours and styles to suit wearer preference, activity and need

Wide range of materials

Including high index and impact resistant to suit every patient need and prescription

Thinnest polarized lenses on the market

Achieved through proprietary positioning of the film for comfort and cosmetics

Versatility for ease of recommendation

Freedom of frame choice

Fit virtually any frame including nylon, wrap and three-piece

Perfect for digital surfacing

More choice for eyecare professionals to meet their patient needs and budget

Extensive range

There’s a lens material, style and colour to meet every patient’s need and preference

Local assistance

Expert assistance available locally

8 in 10 eyecare professionals are likely to recommend NuPolar¹

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¹ Younger Optics ANZ Eyecare Professional Research, May 2020, N=68