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Copper or Red Lens

A Copper or Red sunglass lens is ideal for your activities and needs.

Copper or Red sunglass lenses will enhance your vision by:

  • Cutting through blue light which is often experienced as haze
  • Providing additional contrast and depth perception
  • Enhancing vision when driving in varying light conditions
  • Highlighting green and red colours, along with colour definition
  • Being particularly effective at dawn and dusk
  • Performing well in shady or overcast conditions

Even better, a polarized Copper lens provides additional enhancements to your vision:

  • Blocks dangerous and uncomfortable blinding glare
  • Delivers greater depth perception
  • Substantially enhances contrast
  • Provides more precise and detailed vision
  • Colours are more vibrant

Polarized lenses provide a far superior visual experience over regular tinted sun lenses. Only polarized lenses block horizontal reflected glare from shiny or wet surfaces. This is the glare that we experience as blinding glare which seriously inhibits vision, causes great discomfort and washes out colours.

NuPolar Copper Lens Styles

NuPolar Solid – Copper

NuPolar solid polarized lenses are an even and solid colour over the entire lens and provide 100% UV blockage.

Transitions® Drivewear®

Transitions Drivewear are a photochromic lens option which combines cutting edge NuPolar polarized lens technology with Transitions photochromic technology. The lens changes to three different colours – Olive, Copper, and Dark Brown – while also adapting the level of lens darkness according to light conditions.

Polarized Prescription Lenses

If you require vision correction and need a prescription sunglass lens, ask your optometrist about NuPolar polarized lenses.

NuPolar are the most recommended polarized prescription lenses by eyecare professionals. NuPolar is trusted to deliver long lasting quality to wearers, provides 100% UV blockage, and delivers exceptional and vibrant outdoor vision.

Transitions Drivewear are a photochromic lens option which combines cutting edge NuPolar polarized technology with Transitions photochromic technology. The lenses are always polarized, but change colour and darkness according the wearer’s current light conditions.

NuPolar Benefits & Performance

Learn more about the benefits of NuPolar polarized lenses, including how polarization works.

NuPolar Technology

Dive deeper into the NuPolar lens technology to learn why NuPolar sets the benchmark for stringent performance characteristics, polarized film technology, colour consistency, material sciences and more.

NuPolar Lens Range

View the NuPolar polarized lens range on the one page – includes lens colour, material and design information for each NuPolar lens style.

Did You Know?

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