The Problem

Near or intermediate vision for looking up or down

Several years ago, I had a lead service mechanic come in from Toyota Maryborough. He was struggling to work under vehicles while on the hoists and doing quick inspections under the car while on his back.

His Rx is approximately +2.00 with a +2.50 add and was wearing multifocals. Therefore, he was having extreme difficulty trying to see close with objects in the reading zone through the top of his spectacles.

The Solution

Occupational flat top 28 DD trifocal lenses

I prescribed Younger Optics’ occupational flat top 28 DD trifocal lenses. He continues to buy these lenses from me to this day.

With the success of that tradesman, we have gone onto successfully sell these Younger Optics’ occupational trifocal lenses to several painters, electricians and carpenters in the Maryborough region. Having the choice of having either intermediate or full near in the top segment truly tailors it to the client’s needs.